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Fars Pishgam Company started its activity in 2008 in the field of providing various services in the field of information and communication technology (ICT).
Due to the rapid and increasing growth of technology in the information and communication technology industry, Fars Pishgam, by creating innovation and creativity in services and products, in order to increase the growth and development of the culture of using the Internet and other modern communication tools, has created a suitable platform for Has met the needs of private and public companies in Iran.
The company has official licenses from the Radio Regulatory Authority and other related organizations that provide safe services for our valued customers, and as a dynamic system, creating employment and entrepreneurship for young and creative workforce, which is one of the most important Is the concern of the community, put at the forefront of its goals.

The policy of Fars Pishgam Company

By putting customer orientation, creativity and innovation, teamwork spirit, responsibility, responsiveness and commitment to provide superior services, the company always strives to provide the best and most valuable customer service in the field of activity and healthy competition with other competitors. Be yourself.

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Policy titles

  • Coherent leadership and consistency in goals
  • Consistency in providing and improving the quality of services in order to continuously improve processes and functions
  • Providing good quality services in order to increase customer satisfaction and increase market share

fields of activity

Fars Pishgam Company is one of the first Internet providers in the south of the country, with an official license from the Regulatory Authority for Communications and Radio, by providing the largest network of safe, quality and fast Internet, providing a variety of services for users of this network Is.

Services and Products

  • Sales and support services for UPS, electricity and energy
  • Call Center & Call Center Services
  • Development of telecommunication networks
  • Installation, commissioning and support of transmission systems (telecommunication access)
  • Installation, commissioning and support of radio communication networks
  • Providing consulting in the field of information technology services
  • IP-based telephone network and Internet service (VOIP)
  • Installation, commissioning and support of computer networks
  • Sales and support of hardware and network equipment

Organizational Structure

Organization Chart


  • License to provide CONTACT CENTER services from the Radio Regulatory Authority
  • Certificate of approval of services from the Ministry of Cooperatives, Labor and Social Welfare
  • License to operate in the field of information and communication technology from the Computer Guild Organization of the country
  • Certificate of 1st rank of IT companies in the field of computer and telecommunication data network support services from the country’s program and budget organization

Licenses and certificates

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