UPS sales service and support

Due to the increasing need for telecommunication equipment, industrial, hospitals, etc., as well as the vastness of international communications and the development of microprocessor-based systems, the need for a reliable and stable power supply is felt. Based on this, Fars Pishgam Company is the exclusive representative of UPS Riello devices in Italy in Fars province, with its specialized and experienced staff, is able to provide installation and after-sales service and after-sales service for UPS Riello devices in Italy in Fars province. Riello UPSs are a completely Italian brand that can offer power from 350 VA to 6400 KVA online and Line Interactive.

The provided UPS devices have 10 years of after-sales service, which is provided as the warranty period after the end of the warranty period and the signing of the support, supply and maintenance contract.

  • Advice: Free consultation to estimate the power of the device according to the equipment of the desired location.
  • Warranty : UPS devices provided by Fars Pishgam Company include a 24-month replacement warranty.
  • Periodic visits : During the warranty period, once every 3 months, the UPS device and batteries are visited free of charge by the company’s experts.

The Riello Elettronica Group, a group of active industrial companies, was founded in 1986. The company’s main activity was the design and production of switching power supplies, until in 1995, with the change of structure and expansion of its subsidiaries, it started to produce UPS. Today, Riello UPS and Riello Elettronica are one of the four largest UPS design and manufacturing companies in the world, offering a complete range of UPSs for a variety of applications, including personal computers, banks, hospitals, airports, and more.

Facts about Riello

  • One of the largest UPS manufacturers in Italy and Europe
  • Won the award for the largest increase in sales in Europe in 2004-2005
  • Winner of the best European e-initiative of 2004 – ups Dialog Dual model
  • 7 factories: To supply UPS systems – AVR stabilizer – charger and inverter
  • 70 years: Specialized experience in the field of electrical systems
  • 40 sal: Specialized experience in the field of UPS production
  • 20 sal: production line
  • 2 Sal: Average upgrade of quality and quantity of devices
  • 2 Sal: Independent Center for Technology Research and Development (R&D)
  • 120000 : Annual production of UPS machine
  • ISO 9001 certified holder:

Products of this company:

  • UPS systems from VA350 to 6400 KVA
  • Central power supply systems for emergency applications (EMERGENCY SYSTEM)
  • AVR stabilizer
  • UPS control and monitoring software
  • Multi-switch
  • DC / AC inverter
  • Racks and related sensors
  • Communication software

Capabilities and features of UPS Riello Italy:

  • Capable of three input / single phase output
  • Ability to parallel with unequal UPS
  • Ability to parallel UPS as a ring
  • Ability to adjust the output voltage and frequency
  • Riello UPSs do not require access code
  • Display control (LCD)
  • Ability to use the battery pack for several parallel UPSs (to use up to 8 UPSs)
  • EPO key (for emergency shutdown)
  • Unlike other systems where the output voltage is only 380, 400, 415 and the output is 50 and 60 Hz can be selected. In Riello UPS, the user can easily select the desired frequency and voltage according to their needs.
  • Ability to set to ON-LINE – Economy – Smart Active, Standby / off for Emergency lighting application as standard
  • Compatibility with IBM software
  • POWER SHIELD 2 software for SHUTDOWN – Monitoring
  • Dry Contact (transmission of alarm and status as signal) as standard
  • Back feed protection capability
  • Technology (VFI) On line double conversion
  • Transformer is isolated
  • The Riello brand is registered in the vendor list of the oil company, which indicates that all global standards are considered in this brand.
  • Two-year replacement warranty and 10-year after-sales service
  • Periodic inspection of the device every 3 months (with parts) during the warranty period
  • Free installation
  • Free shipping to the installation site

Differences between ON LINE and LINE Interactive UPS:

UPSs are divided into sinusoidal and quasi-sinusoidal categories in terms of output waveform:


These types of UPS are always in STANDBYE circuit and act when the city power is cut off. Normally, the city electricity goes directly to the consumer after passing through a filter and stabilizer, while the batteries of the devices are charged by the charger, and if there are changes in the city electricity, it is corrected by the device. It should be noted that the switch time is about a few milliseconds so that computer devices do not feel it and do not disconnect.

One of the advantages of Line interactive system is the depreciation of the quantity of the device and the battery, its price is cheaper than the online system. Among its disadvantages is the direct connection of city electricity to the consumer, when there is city electricity, if pollution such as noise – spike and .. ..It happens in the city electricity and is outside the capacity of the filters, there is a possibility that they will pass through the UPS Line Interactive, and if it happens, the difference will pass through the UPS, so it is better to use this model in very sensitive devices. Don’t be.

Another point is the lack of technical capabilities and therefore less reliability of these devices compared to UPS ON LINE. This is why, according to global custom, UPS Line interactive is only allowed up to 3KVA power, and UPS above 3KVA power are usually of the Conversion On line Double type.

2. Ups on line double conversion:

These models of UPS are usually designed in sinusoidal type. The operation of Conversion Online Double devices is that the city power (AC power) after entering the UPS goes to the rectifier and converts it to AC power and after filtering, transfers it to the UPS output. In other words, AC to DC, so the input power to the UPS and the output power to the UPS are 100% isolated.

Therefore, the ONLINE UPS is always active and the above operation is performed regularly during all working hours, and the city electricity is never connected to the consumers, and the consumers always use the sinusoidal and healthy electricity produced by the UPS in the new generation UPSs. Which are Online Double Conversion Advanced and have high efficiency, the problem of UPS depreciation has been solved to some extent.

One of the most important advantages of the online system is that the electricity is converted from AC to DC and then again from DC to AC, so the city’s power outages are not transmitted to the consumer in any way.

Other advantages of these UPS are having higher technical capabilities, wider range for city power input voltage, having more suitable output regulation (for voltage and frequency), more overload tolerance, output isolation transformer, etc., which is ultimately a factor Provides higher reliability than Line Interactive UPS. This is why UPSs for sensitive locations are as follows:

Large computer networks, main frames, sensitive medical devices, very sensitive servers, etc. are used, and also high-power and three-phase UPSs must be of the Online type.

Battery sales and after sales service:

Due to diversifying the brands offered for UPS consumption, Fars Pishgam Company has started to supply Leoch batteries. Leuch Company is one of the reputable manufacturers of sealed Leadacid batteries that are used worldwide.

  • Has international quality certificate ISO9001, ISO14001, European standard certificate (CE)
  • American Standard (UL), Russian Standard (POCC) and International Electrical Technology Committee (ICE)
  • No need for maintenance (Maintenance Free)
  • Has a 15 month warranty

UPS support services:

UPS devices also always need control and care. Timely service and maintenance increases the useful life and optimal operation of UPSs and batteries. Therefore, by performing service and periodic maintenance, the customer enjoys the benefits of faster device repair, service and maintenance of the device at regular times, priority in repair, recording all device information in different periods, alternative device of non-payment by the customer in each request. Turns. After concluding the contract, the customers will enjoy the services of these services during different periods of time as follows.

  • Periodic monitoring of UPS devices and accessories as per contract.
  • Check the operating characteristics of the UPS in normal operation mode (input voltage, output voltage, input frequency and output frequency).
  • No need to maintain and check the operating characteristics of the UPS in battery mode (output voltage, output frequency, percentage of battery power).
  • Test the correct operation of the UPS and related batteries.
  • Troubleshooting UPS devices.
  • Provide technical advice to the employer for optimal operation of the systems.
  • Checking the input and output power of the UPS for wiring ortho-insulation accuracy.
  • Controlling the type of load used and providing advice to remove some consumers, such as copiers, etc., which will damage the UPS in the long run.