Equipment support and maintenance

Using computers is no longer an option today. It is a necessity. We see that when a system goes out of reach for any reason, the user is practically disarmed and unable to do his current work. Organizations and companies, according to these conditions, each attract the relevant expert force (IT specialist) and conduct their affairs.

But sometimes we see that due to the desire for progress and diversity in the work of most of these engineers, several relocations occur in these units, which sometimes cause many problems and re-do many infrastructure tasks. Based on its experience and this deep need of organizations and companies, Rayban Gostaran Airbod Company tries to solve this problem and make optimal use of young people specialized in providing support and maintenance services to systems in order to meet the needs of organizations in a principled and continuous manner. Eliminate.

Equipment support and maintenance

Service features

  1. Variation in service depending on the needs of each organization or company
  2. Proper service in the shortest time and the best quality
  3. Independence from a particular person
  4. Providing free consulting services before and during the project
  5. Significant reduction in the costs of active manpower in this area
  6. Utilizing specialized power A team Who are always ready to solve your problems
  7. Ensuring the confidentiality of information backed by legal contracts and providing contractual guarantees
  8. Reduce service delivery time for hardware services
  9. Complete product portfolio to solve all existing problems and requests...

Services available in this area

  1. Prepare hardware identification of equipment installed in each project
  2. Prepare a complete network map with placement of nodes
  3. Review and make the necessary network corrections in coordination with the client
  4. Complete maintenance of server room equipment including servers, switches, routers and storage equipment
  5. Maintenance of wireless equipment including masts, radio links and …
  6. Maintaining communication between centers on different platforms such as Internet, intranet, VSAT،MPLS
  7. Software and hardware support for users’ systems
  8. Solve users’ problems and answer their questions
  9. Continuous backup of data and databases
  10. Prepare backup checklists for servers and related settings
  11. Apply the required restrictions and settings on the Internet and network at the request of the employer