Supply Human Resources

A manpower supply company is a company that appears as a contractor; These types of companies have a duty to provide contracts to organizations, departments, private institutions and… to provide the necessary manpower. The manpower company can be a range of juicers, guards, employees, utility workers, stewards and .. Include;

Manpower supply company is popular with many universities and government centers because the forces under the command of such companies are contracted. In fact, the employer’s forces have no responsibility for insurance and other matters of contract workers under the manpower contract.

Registration of manpower supply companies can be done in two forms: special joint stock company and limited liability company.

Supply Human Resources

Terms of registration of manpower supply company

  • At the beginning of the establishment of the company, at least 35% of the company’s capital must be deposited in cash.
  • If the company’s capital is non-cash, it should be mentioned separately in the calendar and declaration.
  • A minimum of 3 people is required to register a private joint stock manpower company, and the maximum is unlimited.
  • The minimum number of board members in these companies is 3, a chief inspector and a substitute inspector are required.

Terms of registration of a limited liability manpower supply company

  • Has a minimum of 2 members and a maximum of several people
  • Have a minimum capital of 1,000,000 Rials
  • The company must be able to pay the full capital or make a commitment to it
  • The company letter should be written and signed
  • Adjust the company’s articles of association